Radhika Kapur founded Third Culture to bring people together through delicious, nutritious beverages, by celebrating diversity and inclusion. She truly believes that diversity in flavor, in opinion, and in expression make our world a better place. ​

The journey started when Radhika was confronted with a personal health challenge. The journey to discovering a solution for a problem that we all face in the modern world today where convenience is equated to highly processed and unhealthy food, drove her to create a solution that tackled the beverage aspect holistically through Third Culture beverages.

The company is built on the pillars of Health, Diversity & Sustainability​


The mission of the company is to provide delicious, nutritious beverage that celebrate the diversity of cultures and are good for us.​

Radhika is a Third Culture kid herself, having lived and worked across India , Australia & United States. She is a brand & strategy expert & was part of Microsoft Surface founding team that built the business from initial launch to the billion-dollar business it is today. She is a certified coffee roaster and is well regarded in the speciality coffee and food industry. A strong advocate for equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion & clean eating , she has spoken at events and conferences and her articles have been published across various publications.

We're excited to share a world of flavors and health with you.