Vietnamese Coffee Filter Maker Press. Screw Down Phin

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Maker Press. Screw Down Phin

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Ingredients that make all the difference!

Powerful everyday superfoods, sourced ethically, acknowledged in cultures around the world, providing delicious flavor & nutrition

Components: 1 Brew chamber, 1 Screw down insert, 1 Drip tray (base plate), 1 lid. 

Brewing time: Drip coffee is an awesome technique to brew coffee & the brewing process for this drip filter takes approximately 4-5 minutes.

Capacity:  8 oz.  Brews about 6-7 oz of coffee. More water can easily be added (once some filters through) to increase the volume if desired.


This is a 4 piece Vietnamese Coffee Filter. Quality, robust, smooth screw down mechanism screws all the way down acting as a coffee press allowing you to pack the coffee the desired amount. This allows you to control the strength of the brew. Great for home, the office, travelling, & camping.


Environmental friendly brewing method (no paper filters needed)

Very little storage space

Portable, & easy to clean. 

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