Third Culture aims to bring the world together, one sip at a time

The name Third Culture has meaning behind it. The owners, Radhikka and Varun Das, were third culture kids themselves. Both born and raised in India, they then spent young adult life in Australia before heading to New York to pursue career goals. Eventually, they made it over to Bellevue, Washington, where they started their cafe. Their passion for coffee developed over a lifetime, from trying different beans and methods on their travels around the world. This passion was the fuel for their company mission — to bring the community together through coffee.


Have you ever had the pleasure of watching the traditional pour of an Indian filter coffee in southern India? Or observed the hot sand bath of a Turkish coffee (recognized by several names) in one of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea? If so, what a blessing! If not, enter Third Culture Coffee. The founders and partners of 3C have all experienced worldly culture and wanted to accumulate those experiences into a specific menu that represents and welcomes all, creates new moments and brings some much-needed nostalgia for many.


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