Inspirations & Obsessions

The relationship with coffee started in India - homemade cold coffee, the traditional filter coffee that was a must for dad or the decadent frappe treat at trendy cafes. Soon Australia took the baton - Sydney and Melbourne inculcated an appreciation of a great flat white, of a cup filled with flavor, of coffee being elevated from a source of caffeine to something much more delectable. Travels through Asia exposed the interplay between dark flavorful coffee and condensed milk and its various avatars. Experiencing Europe and paying homage to early initiators of third wave coffee - Coffee Collective, Kaffeine, Solde Kaffebar & Kafferosteri, Lilla Kafferosteriet, honed in respect for amazing honest flavors, consistently delivered through dedication to the craft.

Experiencing some of the best of America's brew at Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, Everyman Espresso, Go Get 'em Tiger, Ritual and Sightglass fueled the passion all the more for the bean and the creation of a delicious sip.  All of this passion might have just remained a hobby had Seattle not happened. Espresso Vivace kick-started the Seattle coffee journey - a journey that is still ongoing. From Victrola, Broadcast to Analog & Ladro; Herkimer to QED to Zoka and Storyville to….I have to stop, the list does go on and on

At Third Culture Coffee, our intention will be to bring all the delicious variations of coffee that have inspired us and those we have been obsessed by through our journey, to you in the comfort of your own city, in the hope that we can create nostalgia, relive a pleasant memory , provide a place which reminds you of home, where you can feel at home or at the very least provide a delicious cup of coffee consistently.

Just like how a glass filled to the brim still has some room for a few specks of sugar sprinkled in, at Third Culture Coffee we hope to add that dash of cultural sweetness to a city that inspires coffee love all around the world. Join us this summer and be a part of Third Culture Coffee in downtown Bellevue - we look forward to seeing you soon :)

Third Culture Coffee