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Bringing the World Together


At Third Culture, we showcase executions of coffee that are prevalent across different cultures,  while being respectful to the authentic traditional time honored recipe with the use of high quality ingredients . We want to highlight the flavors that different drink styles and brew methods can bring to a cup.


We let the coffee shine through thoughtful and precise execution. We feature Single origin coffees, along with our house blend on espresso and pour overs.

We want to bring the story of coffee to the forefront and go on a journey with our guests around the world. We will be exploring flavor variations of the same bean, different brewing methods, or different beans , same execution through cold and hot flight offerings.

At Third Culture Coffee we believe in sourcing the best coffee from around the world and roasting it expertly to extract the most exquisite flavor.

Our blends are exclusive to Third Culture Coffee and are a result of over a years collaboration between True North and Third Culture Coffee. We have expanded this partnership to bring the most exclusive and exquisitely roasted Single Origins as well.