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Bringing the World Together


Third Culture Coffee is a coming to life of a dream and deep passion for coffee that has been brewing for the longest time in our lives. It is our attempt to transcend borders, bring together the tradition and history of cultures with the allure and mystique of coffee. All in a welcoming atmosphere that feels as comforting as a warm hug on a weary day, as a cup of piping hot tea on a rainy day, as a delicious cup of coffee that makes your day.

While Seattle needs another coffee shop as much as it needs more rain, we want to bring a curated experience with a different perspective. A perspective that celebrates a global coffee culture, in a city steeped in coffee history - a city that surfaced our love for coffee.

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Our guests are our heroes, we invite them to share a few moments of their life with us. Time spent with loved ones is special and we want to provide our guests with that special moment that gets treasured forever.

We appreciate, respect and value human relationships and diversity. The richness of our experience is what makes us all unique and gives us the ability to impact the world around us.

We believe in ethically sourcing quality ingredients that have been crafted locally by some of Seattle's best talent. Best experiences come together when quality ingredients are respectfully and simply executed with skill and love.

We believe in collaboration, community and initiative. We aspire to support, encourage and celebrate local businesses and entrepreneurs.